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Bathroom Decor Tips for House Selling

The first thing about bathroom decor is lighting. To begin with, if you can have natural light streaming into the bathroom, that is the best possible option. However, that may not always be possible. So, you need to pay attention to lighting to ensure that you get the right task lighting for the vanity as well as the shower and then great accent lighting wherever appropriate. The vanity area should ideally have two classy light fixtures on wither sides of the mirror, so as to provide enough light without casting any shadows. Accent lighting should be provided in the form of spotlights. Rope lighting on the ceiling also looks very classy in bathrooms.

Now, the rest of your bathroom decor depends upon the size if the bathroom. However, ensure there is at least one closed cabinet in the bathroom, to keep your bottles of shampoo and soaps and makeup items. There is no need to advertise the brands and products you use to your potential home buyers. Stash all your personal products into the cabinet.

The things you can do to decorate your bathroom include placing potted plants in corners, hanging paintings on the walls, accenting a wall and then highlighting them with appropriate lighting. Also, you can create a slightly spa like atmosphere by rolling up your hand towels, tying a ribbon across them and placing them in a basket.

Feel free to place large and small decorative scented candles in as many parts of the bathroom as you want, so that it is easy to visualize a candle lit bath in that environment. If it is possible, you may even want to consider adding speakers to your bathroom, so that you can enjoy music of your choice while having a shower.

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Posted in Real Estate Post Date 11/25/2015