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Selling your property

It is important to be absolutely candid with your agent and buyers about the condition of the property when you are selling your home. If there is anything wrong with the roof, the plumbing, the wiring or structure, it will probably not remain a "sleeping dog". "It" will probably wake up, snarl, growl and snap at your ankles at the precise moment your buyers feel their first stirring of buyers' remorse.

Concealing a defect is a serious matter when you are selling a home. It is unlikely that such defects will go undetected because most buyers get a structural inspection before they are contractually obliged to complete the purchase. Even if the problems do not surface before the closing, your liability does not end after the closing for any defects that may have been concealed. Buyers almost never accept misrepresentation graciously, but they can usually deal with a house that is short of perfection if they know what they are getting into from the beginning. When selling your home, your Realtor will provide you with a seller's disclosure form.

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Posted in Real Estate Post Date 12/04/2015