1. A unique air transportation service included with client representation
  2. Professional, efficient and thorough service
  3. Due diligence including zoning/legal/and financial standings of the property prior to offer
  4. Property filtering and previewing to maintain an efficient hunting process
  5. Methodical option elimination to promote a confident buy
  6. Access to local zoning/bylaw experts and contractors to help you build your vision
  7. Strict confidentiality standards
  8. Comparative market evaluation prior to offer submission
  9. Strong and open negotiation strategies aiming at obtaining the best price and more importantly, the most amount of protection post possession.
  10. Electronic signing capabilities. Offer and counter offer from your dock or backyard!
Daryl and Jill offer a unique way to travel to, and view potential homes, chalets and cottages. The Amphibious airplane is included in their service plan. That means that a buyer not only receives the protection and knowledge of a qualified real estate sales professional, they also get to travel in a way that no other realtor can offer, flying from airport to dock or local airport, all at no cost. Who wouldn’t want to shop for a property this way?! Only people who like sitting in traffic.